Kinglake Iago - AKA Kimba
Kinglake Iago - aka Kimba
Wildkatt Orpheus
DGC Wildkatt Orpheus​​​​​ - F7
Owned by Iceni Bengals
HCM negative at 4yrs old
Iceni Octavius Augustus
Previous Studs
Warpaint Oh Boy
GD CH Dazzledots Perfect Prints (IMP)
Warpaint Oh Boy

Breeders of leopard looking Bengal cats with spots and rosettes in brown and snow. Gold Coast, Australia.

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Iceni Octavius Augustus
Owned by Iceni Bengal
​​​​​HCM negative at 3yrs old
Aridlands Takoda
Owned by Iceni Bengals - DOB 12Sept2009
HCM negative at 4yrs old
Aridlands Valentino - F6
DOB: 15 Aug 2012
Sire: Junglejem Wurthabob (IMP USA) (Brown Spotted) - HCM Neg 3yrs9mths
Dam: Aragon Polar Moon (Sepia Spotted) - HCM Neg 7yrs2mths
HCM Neg at 2yrs old
Kinglake Eclipse
DOB: 18 Feb 2009
Sire: GD CH Dazzledots Perfect Prints (IMP CAN)
Dam: Aridlands Kanya (Brown Marbled)

HCM negative at 3yrs old,
HCM equivocal at 6yrs and 8yrs

Our Current Studs...
Bundu Casanova
DOB 2 Mar 2014.  Seal Lynx Spotted
Sire: Anjali Charlie (IMP USA)
Dam: Junglewhisper Namaqua (IMP USA)
HCM Neg at 10mths, 2yrs old

European Champion - Kungsgardencats Romulus
(IMP Sweden)

DOB: 10 July 2014
Sire: Absolutely My Own Private Idaho
Dam: Von Satara Winter Romance
Owned by Iceni Bengals
HCM Neg at 1yr old

Kinglake Kilimanjaro
DOB: 28 February 2016
Sire: Iceni Xsayarsa
Dam: Aragon Afyon Honey
HCM Neg at 18months old

Kilimanjaro has now been desexed and is ready for a new home.  He is very affectionate and sweet and will suit a family.

Iceni Xsayarsa
DOB: 31 January 2015
Sire: Iceni Pontifix Maximus
Dam: Artattack Dancing Flames
HCM Neg at 18months old

Iceni Pontifix Maximus
DOB: 9 October 2013
Sire: Aridlands Takoda
Dam: Jahnamir Jolie Misty
HCM Neg 1 yr