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Adults available as desexed pets

​​We regularly have adults available for rehoming.  Our girls normally breed for 2 or 3 matings and then retire.  We do this so they can find loving homes while they are still young and live out the remainder of their lives as beloved pets.

Our boys typically work for 2-3 years and then we retire them while they are young enough to enjoy being pets.  Boys normally need a few months after desexing for their hormones to settle down before they are ready to go to their new homes.

All our adults are health checked, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and fleed before leaving us.

We prefer our adults to find homes where they are the only cat as we want to make sure they have the best chance of success in their new home.  Occasionally we have cats that can be rehomed in a pair.​​

We are members of....

​The International Bengal Cat Society
Queensland Feline Association
Kinglake Bengals

Breeders of leopard looking Bengal cats and kittens with spots and rosettes in brown and snow. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Currently Available Adults
Kinglake Eclipse
Our gorgeous Eclipse is 7yo and has been a wonderful stud cat for us.  He has been desexed a couple of years now and has enjoyed the company of our young girls. He likes to be patted and likes company. 
​I would love to find him a home where he can relax and find his pet personality again.  He has a strong personality being an ex-stud and so requires an owner with experience.
​He gets on well with desexed females and tolerates dogs. He is an indoors only cat and enjoys an occasional leadwalk around the garden. 
Xanthe is 3yrs old and needs a loving home as a desexed pet.  She is super affectionate and loves to smooch.  She is active and kooky and will do well with a family. She is quite a small but beautiful girl with golden brown glittered coat and pawprint rosettes.

Note: Xanthe requires a home with an enclosed outdoor space as she has particular toileting habits. 

Isabella is 1 year old and is available as a desexed pet. 
She requires a quiet home with patient people as she is quite timid and will take a while to adjust to her new surroundings
She is active and playful and loves to run on her wheel.
She is an indoors only cat. 
Isabella is Seal Lynx bengal with stunning blue eyes and very pale rosetted glittered coat.