Kinglake Joie de Vivre
DOB: 19 November 2015
Sire: Bundu Casanova
Dam: Bansuli Star of Bethlehem

Joie is very similar to her mother Chrissy with soft short coat, long body and small head.  She also has a sweet friendly temperament.

HCM neg at 1.5 yrs old
Both parents HCM Negative
Bansuli Star of Bethlehem
DOB: 23 Dec 2013
​Sire:  Silverglam Royal Fantasy in Oz
Dam: Tijah Makers Mark

​Chrissy is our first silver bengal and we are extremely happy with her.  She has a lovely silky rosetted coat and beautiful friendly personality which she passes on to her babies.  She is a great mum.
We will be retiring her to a pet home soon.

HCM negative at 2yrs old
Kinglake Everdene
DOB: 28 Dec 2014
​Sire:  Iceni Pontifix Maximus
Dam: Kinglake Pandora

Miss Everdene is a lovely typey girl with solid heavy body very much like her mother Pandora. She has a short tight coat with small arrowhead rosettes and gorgeous facial expression. Pictures dont do her justice.  She is a sweet quiet girl .

HCM Negative at 1 year
Both Parents HCM negative
Our Current Girls

Breeders of leopard looking Bengal kittens cats with spots and rosettes in brown and snow. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Our Upcoming Girls
Kinglake Marigold
DOB: 25 Aug 2016
​Sire:  Iceni Xsayarsa
Dam: Bansuli Star of Bethlehem

Kinglake Octavia
DOB: 15 April 2017
​Sire:  Bundu Casanova
Dam: Kinglake Elektra