Kinglake Pandora

DOB: 1 January 2012
Sire: Iceni Octavius Augustus (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Kinglake Jasmine (Brown Sportted)

Pandora is our newest keeper girl.  She has the black spots we were hoping for from her dad. She has the gorgeous head type we are now consistently producing at Kinglake Bengals. We also love her soft plush highly glittered coat and her large heavy boned body type. ​

Both parents HCM Negative
Kinglake Lulu

DOB: April 2011
​Sire:  Aridlands Takoda (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Kinglake Darling (Sepia Sportted)

​Lulu has all the qualities we have been breeding for all in one package - beautiful head type, long wild body type, silky smooth short highly glittered coat, small rosettes and clear background with great contrast. A nice bonus is the rosetting on her shoulders and up her neck. Lulu impressed the judges in her first show​ and we can't wait to see her kittens.

Both parents HCM negative
Kinglake Nala

DOB: 1 September 2011
​Sire:  Kinglake Eclipse (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Aridlands Afyon Honey (Brown Spotted)

​Nala is a beautiful mix of the best qualities from both her mum and dad. She has a beautiful head with straight profile, broad nose and well set ears. She has a long solid body with wild type, highly glittered cool coloured coat with great contrast, medium sized dark rosetted markings with a horizontal flow and lovely shoulder rosetting.

HCM Negative at 15mths
Both Parents HCM negative
Aridlands Afyon Honey - F8 

DOB: 26 Sept 2008
Sire: Tijah Sockit Tooya (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Aragon Polar Moon (Seal Sepia Spotted)

Honey is Brown Spotted with a pale sandy coloured coat and medium brown large round rosettes.  She has a stunning head with big round pale yellow eyes, broad nose and straight profile. She is a small girl but muscular and heavy boned and we love that! Honey's temperament is confident, active and affectionate. We are pleased that she also carries the sepia gene.

HCM negative at 3yrs old
Mother HCM neg at 7yrs old​
Our Current Girls

Breeders of leopard looking Bengal kittens cats with spots and rosettes in brown and snow. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Our Upcoming Girls
Kinglake Xanthe

DOB: 25 July 2013
​Sire:  Kinglake Eclipse (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Aridlands Afyon Honey (Brown Spotted)

Kinglake Windsong

DOB: 18 May 2013
​Sire:  Aridlands Valentino (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Kinglake Nala (Brown Spotted)