Kinglake Hot Chilli
DOB: 17 April 2010
Sire: Kinglake Eclipse (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Kinglake Darling (Sepia Spotted)
HCM negative at 2yrs old
Both parents HCM neg.​​​
Kinglake Indian Lily
DOB: 23 September 2010
Sire: Warpaint Oh Boy (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Aridlands Afyon Honey (Brown Spotted)
HCM negative at 18mths old
Retired Girls

Breeders of leopard looking Bengal kittens cats with spots and rosettes in brown and snow. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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Kinglake Jasmine
​DOB: 26 September 2010
Sire: Kinglake Eclipse (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Kinglake Darling (Sepia Spotted)
HCM negative at 18mths.
Both parents HCM neg.​​
​Jasmine produced our Kinglake Pandora

Aridlands Kanya
DOB: 1 AUG 2007
Sire: Tijah Sockit Tooya (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Tigakat Sandstorm (Seal Mink Spotted)

Kanya produced our Eclipse and Benchmark​​

Aragon Polar Moon
DOB: 25 NOV 2005
Sire: US GDCH Nola Voodoo Magic of Junglebook (USA)(Brown Marble)
Dam: Aragon Lady Guinevere (Brown Spotted)

Icey produced our Honey and Valentino​​

HCM negative at 7yrs
Kinglake Darling
DOB: 22 Jan 2009
Sire: Warpaint Oh Boy (Sepia Spotted)
Dam: Tigakat Sandstorm (Mink Spotted)

Delta produced our Hot Chilli, Jasmine and Lulu.​​

HCM Negative at 3yrs
Kinglake Elektra
DOB: 28 Dec 2014
Sire: Iceni Pontifix Maximus
Dam: Kinglake Pandora
Elektra produced our Octavia
HCM negative at 1yr old
Both parents HCM neg
Kinglake Pandora
DOB: 1 January 2012
Sire: Iceni Octavius Augustus (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Kinglake Jasmine (Brown Sportted)

Pandora produced our Everdeen and Elektra
Both parents HCM Negative
Kinglake Nala
DOB: 1 September 2011
​Sire:  Kinglake Eclipse (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Aridlands Afyon Honey (Brown Spotted)
​Nala produced our Shekinah and Shoshanah
HCM Negative at 15mths
Both Parents HCM negative
Kinglake Lulu
DOB: April 2011
​Sire:  Aridlands Takoda (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Kinglake Darling (Sepia Sportted)

Both parents HCM negative
Iceni Black Caviar
DOB: 28 Dec 2013
Sire: Aridlands Takoda
Dam: Cloudnine Muhumusa
Nellie produced our Isabella
HCM negative 2yrs old
Kinglake Windsong
DOB: 18 May 2013
Sire: Aridlands Valentino
Dam: Kinglake Nala
HCM negative 1yrs old
Aridlands Afyon Honey - F8 
DOB: 26 Sept 2008
Sire: Tijah Sockit Tooya (Brown Spotted)
Dam: Aragon Polar Moon (Seal Sepia Spotted)
Honey produced our Kimba, Lily, Xanthe, Kilimanjaro, Kalahari
HCM negative at 3yrs old
Mother HCM neg at 7yrs old​
Bansuli Star of Bethlehem
DOB: 23 Dec 2013
​Sire:  Silverglam Royal Fantasy in Oz
Dam: Tijah Makers Mark
HCM negative at 2yrs old