Welcome to Kinglake Bengals

We are breeders of the beautiful Bengal cat which is a carefully developed hybrid between the small Asian Leopard Cat found throughout Asia and the domestic pet cat. We aim to reproduce bengal kittens and cats with the wild head types, long muscular body types and unusual coat markings of the ALC, as well as the confident, outgoing temperament of domestic pet house cats.

Kinglake Bengals began as registered breeders of Bengal cats in 2008 in Melbourne, Australia and since 2010 we have been located on the Gold Coast, Queensland. We are located right next to Gold Coast airport only 1 hour from Brisbane. We can arrange transport to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville and most locations Australia-wide.

I first learned about the Bengal cat breed while working for a pet transport company when we transported a Bengal kitten for a well-known Melbourne breeder. It was love at first sight and I began researching and learning all I could about the Bengal breed and cat breeding in general. I soon purchased my first Bengal, a beautiful brown marbled girl named Aragon Fire and Ice. She was absolutely dazzling with emerald eyes and dripping with glitter, and super smoochy. I wish I had photography skills back then as I don’t have any photos of her. I was fortunate to acquire two more girls: brown marbled Aridlands Kanya and snow mink spotted Tigakat Sandstorm. I was fortunate to lease the imported champion stud cat Dazzledots Perfect Prints and produced my first kittens – all brown spotted. I then purchased my first stud cat Warpaint Oh Boy aka Buddy who gave us brown and snow kittens. Buddy was a lovely sweet boy and has stayed with us since retiring and being desexed. Sadly, Buddy recently passed away at the age of 16.

In the years since we started, we have owned and produced some outstanding Bengal cats and kittens. One I’m particularly proud of is our stud boy Aridlands Valentino. Valentino was judged Best Shorthair Kitten at the Gold Coast Cat Show in 2013, and Best Bengal Exhibit at the Bengal Cat Show 2013 under TICA judge Carlos Lopez.

With Valentino as our ideal Bengal, the current focus of our breeding goals are the following features: horizontal flow to the markings, no rib-bars, ultra silky short coats, pale golden background colour with dark rosettes, small ears, wide nose, and strong long muscular body. We have been focussed mainly on producing brown spotted and rosetted bengal cats as well as sepia snow and silver bengal cats.

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Queensland Feline Association (QFA)

The International Bengal Cat Society (TIBCS)