Welcome to Kinglake Bengals

Kinglake Bengals is a small hobby breeder of bengal cats located in Gold Coast, Australia. Our goals are to produce sweet tempered house cats with the stunning markings and body types of the Asian Leopard Cat from which the bengal cat is developed.

We have more than a decade of cat breeding and animal husbandry experience. When you purchase a cat or kitten from us, we are available for ongoing advice and information to help you and your kitten or cat adjust to life together.

Our breeding cats undergo heart and genetic health testing to determine their fitness to breed and to ensure the health of our bengal kittens. Our bengal kittens are all health checked, wormed, vaccinated, microchipped and desexed prior to leaving us at 12 weeks of age. We also provide 6 weeks pet insurance for our bengal kittens for sale. Our bengal pedigrees are registered with Queensland Feline Association (QFA).

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We have a few desexed adults ready to go to new homes as loving pets.  See our Available Adults page.