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​​We are breeders of the beautiful Bengal cat which is a carefully developed hybrid between the small Asian Leopard Cat found throughout Asia and the domestic pet cat. We aim to reproduce bengal kittens and cats with the wild head types, long muscular body types and unusual coat markings of the ALC, and the confident, outgoing temperament of domestic pet house cats.

We are currently producing brown spotted and rosetted bengals, however our particular interest is to develop the colour of Sepia—the darkest of the snow varieties. We love the dark markings on the creamy snowy background and we’re looking forward to producing Sepia Bengals with large outlined rosettes similar to the Snow Leopard. Soon we will be branching out into silvers and we have a new silver girl arriving this year.

Bengal cats are energetic, intelligent and loads of fun and need lots of stimulation with play and attention. They are generally easily trainable and make great companions. We regularly have bengal kittens for sale. Our pet kittens come desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, registered with pedigrees, and also with loads of advice and care from us.

We are located right next to Gold Coast airport only 1 hour from Brisbane. We can arrange transport to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Cairns, Townsville and most locations Australia-wide.

We are members of....
QFA - Queensland Feline Association
Kinglake Bengals

Breeders of leopard looking Bengal cats and kittens with spots and rosettes in brown and snow. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

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We have a few desexed adults ready to go to new homes as loving pets.  See our Available Adults page.
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